Our Principles

  • Committed to Coaching & Mentoring!
  • Respect for Inclusion and Rights of Others!
  • Inspired by People and their Career Journey!
  • Selfless about Sharing Knowledge, Skills and Experiences! 
  • Passionate about Community! 

The mission of HireGround Inc. is to provide youth, teams, and organizations with exceptional professional and career development opportunities that will  result in job placement and/or career enhancement.

HireGround, Inc., philosophy is simple – we place the highest amount of effort on providing world class services. We believe every young person has a skill or talent that can be of value to the workforce. We take your student’s success serious and make every effort to design our training to the level of comprehension needed for success.  


HireGround is a non-profit focused on the career development and education enhancement of young people.

We provide top notch training and guidance so that young people can find the right job to lead towards a career path

At HireGround Inc., we value our client relationship and are committed to a full partnership.  Your time is important to us. We believe that by investing in student/employee development… everyone wins. Students are eager to complete their education and begin making career choices. As well as, employee retention, morale, and productivity increases.

If there is no job doing what you are extraordinarily talented at doing—create it~


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