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Donate to enhance the career development of young people!

       Donations In kind:        
Boys/Men: Collared button down shirts, ties and belts, suit coats, cardigan/pull over sweaters       

Ladies: Blouses, belts, suit coat, cardigan sweaters
Binders| folders|ink pens| markers, highlighters|portfolios|backpacks|briefcases|Thank You cards|Poster Boards| Day Planners| Notebooks| gift cards to book stores (ex. Barnes & Noble)|Gift cards to (Target, Amazon, Walmart, SAMs etc.)

‚ÄčMail to: 9994 Sowder Village Square Manassas, VA 20109 #526

If you are a business, corporate professional, community advocate, youth leader, teacher, parent or social services specialist and you would like to hear more about our deliverables please contact us 1-866-212-0743. We also partner with other nonprofits

We always welcome corporate or private sponsorship. All donations are tax deductible.