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I was trying to complete high school so that my mom would be proud of me. I knew that I did not want to go straight to college, as she demanded. I disappointed her and went straight to work instead. I tried several jobs and I kept getting fired. After receiving professional development training from HireGround, Inc and two years later, I am a chef and I am able to live on my own and take care of ALL of my needs! Thanks to my coach!

M. Deale

I had dropped out of high school at 16 years old. I became a maid, cashier, dishwasher and then no job at all. I heard about HireGround, Inc, from my younger sister. I attend a one week course on how to choose a career path that fit my interest. They even helped me interview for my first job that mattered. I am a social service attendance for elderly adults. I am in my third year, with pay and benefits. I look forward to taking additional certifications so that

I can do more in my field. And, I have never thought

about going to college more than I do now. 

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When a senior in high school, I was struggling with what to do after graduation. Not to mention doubting if I would finish high school. I went to a meeting about career development (sponsored by HireGround, Inc).  After my friend came back from the first session I called HireGround, Inc and asked to start in the next session. After completing my workshop and meeting with a coach, I did go on to graduate from high school. I work as a part time office administrator and I am in

the National Guard. I live comfortable and have been

able to take care of me and my wife. 
K. Dowell

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I was getting all F’s in my last year of high school. I used being a foster kid as an excuse for not excelling. I felt smart but didn’t feel motivated or supported. So, I just sat in my classes daydreaming about the last day of school. I didn’t care about graduating. I was invited to a “Getting Grounded” meeting, sponsored by HireGround, Inc.  Now, I have graduated. I worked full time that following summer and then decided I wanted to start community college. I look forward to my ability to get promoted on my job once I increase my education.

K. Martin